Some of our kennel's offspring

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We are really happy with Cinque, your Rodhesian Puppy, he's such a good boy and friendly with everyone, he's growing up fast strong and nice; we've really fallen in love with him. GB & Allegra, Cape Town.


Soos jy kan sien is Jess baas van die plaas! – Barry, Merweville, Karoo.


Mauser cooling off on safari…

Hi Isabel,

Just a short update. Never having any experience with Ridgebacks, but with many, many other breeds of dogs, especially hounds. I have never experienced a dog quite like "Mauser". He is fearless, but does get a bit confused at what the other dogs or the other crazy animals that we have are doing. At that point he will sit down, wrinkle his forehead and "think" about it. Usually after he thinks he “attacks”. Our female steenbuck and him are good friends she will try to get him to chase her. He cannot even get close finally he will just sit down and watch her run at lightning speeds.

Since Liesl has stolen "Mauser" from me, I see another Ridgeback in my future!

We love the hell out of him, he is afraid of nothing and is maturing very quickly.

Baie Dankie, Lon & Liesl, Zimbabwe.


Duke – 7 months old tomorrow (13 December 2015).

I just love him.

Russell, Cape Town.

Shadikongoro Salisbury

Shadikongoro Salisbury turned 5 today (18/08/15) and what a special boy he is!
Five years of joy! In his own honour he stole a slab of cake from the
kitchen this morning (he must have known it was his birthday because he
NEVER scavenges !) Thank you for such a gentle, funny dog !

Deryn Plutsick

Shadikongoro Nala2

Soos ek al gesê het, alle hondjies is mos maar oulik as hulle klein is maar Nala is een van DAAI hondjies. Sy is hoogs intelligent. Ek het haar net een keer gewys om die fisante te los en tot sover gaan dit goed. Ek kan dit nog nie glo dat dit so maklik gaan met die fisante nie. Mens hoef haar nie meer as 2 keer iets te leer nie dan weet sy dit. Die foto is op die 19e Aug geneem. Sy word n pragtige hond. Sy leer baie vinnig.
Henriëtte – Okavango, Namibië


Nala soos sy nou lyk.  

Sy hardloop soos die wind.

Henriëtte – Okavango, Namibië

Shadikongoro Tharo (Daisy)



A picture of Daisy, taken after she had been supervising the painters!! She is the darling of the whole family.

She now weighs 17.4kg! I think she is going to be a big girl.


Debbie Barlow, KZN



Daisy- lying down with Duke and Roxy, one of our Jack Russels.


Daisy plays so nicely with Roxy- always gentle with her. She is the nicest dog ever!!!



Shadikongoro Tshelelago (Sally)

Kyk ons meisiekind – sy weeg al 21kg! Sy’s ons alles. Sy leer vrek vinnig en binne n week kon sy sit, staan, poot gee… Ai, so lief vir haar!! – die Brand-gesin, Hartebeespoortdam.


Brandwag is ‘n fantastiese hond! Hy is baie intelligent (slimmer as enige van my ander honde) en leer baie vinnig. Hy het perfek in my pak honde ingeskakel is reeds dol verlief op ons rifrug teef. Hulle speel baie rof en hardloop die veld en strand plat. Hy toon baie goeie “bay” instinkte en keer alles en almal voor en pen hulle dan vas met sy bulderende stem en bok-spronge. Sy neus is ook baie sensitief en hy gaan eendag baie goed spoor sny. Hy is ‘n hoë-energie hond met uitsonderlike selfvertroue en hy gaan my nog baie besig hou! Hy sal baie goed doen saam met die perde in die veld as hy eers groot en oud genoeg is om saam te hardloop.

Hy speel ook mooi met my ou RR reun (wat nou kanker het). Die ou grote leer hom mooi honde-maniere. Ons kon nie gevra het vir ‘n beter oorgang van die ou hond na die nuwe een nie.

Dankie vir ‘n wonderlike hond! Hy het ons lewens kom vernuwe. Dankie vir die mooi teelwerk wat jy al oor soveel jare met hierdie briljante ras doen.

Groete vanuit ‘n nat Zoeloeland

Theo en Liesl

Brandwag soos hy nou lyk

Brandwag is ‘n super atleet.

Hy dink ons ritte met die perde in die bos en tussen die suikerrietlande is ‘n grap. Teen die tyd dat ons huis toe kom is hy nog nie naastenby moeg nie.

Baie tipies van sy ras is hy baie agterdogtig oor nuwe mense en dinge, maar vertrou my wanneer ek hom gerus stel dat die persoon vertrou kan word. As ek egter sy suspisies beaam en hom aanmoedig om aggressief op te tree loods hy ‘n indrukwekkende aanval.

Ek kan nie meer my lewe indink sonder hom nie.



“Thandi joined our family here in Kenton on Sea on the 22nd July 2015. She is now three and a half months old, and growing bigger by the day! She is a beautifully sweet, and sound tempered pup. She has won our hearts, and we couldn’t imagine life without her. She is going really well at her puppy training classes, and loves to spend time meeting other dogs and people on the beaches. We couldn’t be happier with our gorgeous, intelligent girl! Thank you Shadikongoro Ridgebacks for all of your puppy advice and support xx” - The Seccombe Family, Eastern Cape

Thandi and Gamba


Hello Isabel,

A quick note to say hello, and send you some pictures of Thandi and Gamba : ) 


They are both very well, and Gamba is nearly as big as Thandi!
Gamba, like most second born children, gets away with rather a lot as you can see! He even spent some time the other night on our daughter’s bed (I didn’t hear him get into his bed in our room … must have been late!!). They are living the good life, and we love them to bits.


 Melody (16 August 2017)

Charro is phenomenal. He stands his ground as protector but at the same time he is so friendly, happy and gentle. I am just fascinated.  Charro won Best of Breed, LKA 47th Championship Dog Show (22 February 2014), Nairobi. Judge: Jochen Eberhardt, Germany  – Regula Wacker, Kenya.



Goliath attacking coconuts in the Congo. – Brad Revis, DRC.



Ons is steeds baie ingenome met Nala, soveel so dat ons dit oorweeg om volgende jaar nog n hondjie by julle te kom haal! – Hendrik Jansen van Rensburg, KZN

Shadikongoro Shumi

Ons het Shumi se sertifikaat ontvang. Baie dankie daarvoor.  Ons is so trots op hom: hy het 'n prys gewen by sy hondjieklas.  Hy is nou 4 maande oud en nog steeds bobaas in sy klas. Hy is die enigste outjie wat al sy bevele sonder die leiband gehoorsaam. Dis regtig merkwaardig en ons is baie trots op hom.  Shumi het Saterdag (5/09/15) sy laaste woefieklas bygewoon en het weer die prys vir die dag losgeslaan. Kyk hoe trots is sy ma:  Mandy dink die afrigter is verlig dat hy nou klaar is sodat die ander hondjies ook 'n beurt kan kry om iets te wen. Jy het 'n bobaas hondjie geteel, Isabel!

 Hendrik Jansen van Rensburg – KZN

N.S. ek stuur ook n foto van Shumi en Nala waar hulle saam n blaaskans vat tussen die stout-wees!



He must be one of the most chilled out dogs I have ever interacted with! – Jerome Byron, Botswana.


Kibibi is just one year old today (11/12/2013). She is beautiful and very friendly. I’m attaching few pictures of past year, first on the dunes outside Dammam; with my daughters Julia and Tatiana and Kibibi and me in October.

We did together 5 000km trip to north-west area of Saudi Arabia. I had no problem with her. She is very good traveler and buddy. Thank you once again, for this gift. – Miro Tapajcik, KSA.

Kibibi past her second birthday few days ago. She grew up to a nice and gentle dog. We did our usual trip around Saudi Arabia in October.
She is a good traveler. I had no problem with her, even in hotel. Regards, Miro (15 Dec. 2014)



Jamie at 8 months. He is loving Cape Town as you can see! - Nicole

The last weekend at Caraculo with Leao and Pisca, his worsie girl friend. – Jorge Rosario, Angola.


Shadikongoro Nandy
Shadikongoro Nandy

Nandi and the rest of the family is VERY well.


We had a baby boy 8 months ago and Nandi is enjoying his company and always staying very close to him. She is being very patient with him also when he pulls her ears and so on - Jens Pain Risgaard



She has a lovely nature and has decided the couch is hers. – Susan Walley, JHB.

Shandikongoro Jasmin

Jasmin, at the back, is one of Emma's pups. The old male in front is also from the Shadikongoro Kennel,  They live in Botswana.


Shadikongoro Xaragon
Shadikongoro Xaragon

Shadikongoro Xaragon lives in Madagaskar and is one of Xambar's offspring.

Shandikongoro Ayoba
Shandikongoro Ayoba

"I would like to give you feedback from Ayoba, he has grown into such beautiful dog, and his temperament is exceptional.
He is integrated well in the whole family (dogs and humans).
We all love him very much."

Isabel Reith, W-Cape

Shadikongoro Nala
Shadikongoro Nala

Here are some pics of Nala. She survived her puffadder bite and just produced her first litter from Wesberno Titan.  She is highly intelligent and follows me around like my shadow. Love her to bits and she is a great mom.
Keep well and regards
Liesl du Toit

P.S. Nala lives on the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve.